Many of us are blind fans of SOAD (System Of A Down). Lets go back to 90’s decay and find how interesting there formation was !

The four band members who live in Los Angeles developed their melodious but also hard rock music style since the beginning of the nineties. System of a Down has international roots and is influenced by manifold types of music. They are affected by Armenian folklore and tribal rhythms, hip hop and gothic. Parole punk cannot describe the whole spectrum which likewise includes emotional harmony-laden melodies. So you can call System of a Down a crossover band that ventures and discovers new ways of making fabulous music. Nevertheless they know how to entertain their numerous fans around the world.

System of a Down results from an accidental event. In 1993 vocalist Serj Tankian meets guitarist Daron Malakian in a studio during recording sessions of their different bands. They realize that they have similar musical ideas and get along very well. As a result they found the band Soil. In Hollywood Tankian and Malakian visit an armenian private school. Shavo Odadjian, a schoolfellow who spends a lot of time hanging around with Soil, is asked to become the manager of the band. As he decides to play bass full time, he becomes a proper band member. John Dolmayan is chosen as drummer just before their breakthrough – enabled by Rick Rubin – took place. A friend of producer Rubin, named Oseary from Maverick Records, took him along to the Viper Room club in Hollywood where Soil perform. Rick Rubin, who produced groups like Slayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Danzig, Johnny Cash and the Beastie Boys, is so enthusiastic about the music that he gets them a record contract at American Recordings and produces the first album.

Members :

In the above photo (left to right) :  Serj Tankian,  Shavo Odadjian,  Daron Malakian & John Dolmayan