People of the world can be divided into two parts – 1. Who have read this book and 2. Who havn’t read this book. Yes this book touched me so deeply that, I’m too bold to divide people under such a criterion. After reading ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown it is quite natural to arise a question-‘Why this type of book was not written before?’ Surely some readers shaken by this novel. Actually the original christians. An example is sufficient to realize the power of this book. The following e-mail reached Rosemount Bible Church office (Montreal, Canada)  with  sense of urgency –

Dear RBC,

                I don’t know where else to turn. I pray to God that you can help me. I began to read the book by Dan Brown called The Da Vinci Code. It was an interesting book until I got to the part where he’s talking about how Christianity began, how it’s all false, and that Christianity is basically a lie and stolen from pagan religions. The secret societies, the Holy Grail, the church changing facts, removing parts of the Bible. Is it all true? So much of it makes sense. There were things that I had heard before and ignored. But now I have to know. Is the last 25+ years I’ve been a Christian all a lie? Was Jesus just a man? Did it all really happen? Was He married to Mary Magdalene? Is everything I was raised to believe just made up for the sake of money? I have to know. I don’t know where else to turn. Now I am doubting if there is a heaven, a God, and Jesus. Please, help me! Please, in God’s name, help me. I’m brokenhearted, confused, and still crying.

               After this type of reflection you can’t mark the book just as a historical fiction.