Yesterday visited the  ‘Swiss Festival‘ held in ‘Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre‘.  The festival, which marks the 35th anniversary of friendship between Bangladesh & Switzerland, was emphasised on culture, trade etc. of two countries. From Bangladesh Khalid Mahmud Mithu showed the audience a documentary  on tribal people of Bangladesh named ‘Rhythm of Bangladesh ‘ which was directed by himself. This premier show was awesome and drew attention of all. It accumulates all  the tribal (Chakma, Rakhain, Khang, Marma, Murong, Paharia, Munipuri, Khasia, Lusai, Hajong, Koch, Hadi, Munda, Ho, Orao, Shaotal, Garo, Tripura, Tonchanga, Cookie, Chak, Bom, Pankho, Khushi, Kol etc.) dances of bangladesh. Each dance is instinctive & unique. The dance has it’s own language which shows or highlightes their lifestyle. A dance group of ‘Garo‘ from Mymenshigh performed their dance, live!
              Switzerland is showing eagerness on these tribal culture of us for many years. May be we are not realizing it’s importance. We, the Bangladeshi people, call us a perfect homogeneous nation. But the swiss representatives gave us a shame in their speech telling that Bangladesh is not a homogeneous country. Rather it is a good multinational or multi-cultural country.
              Khalid Mahmud Mithu has done a great job! For this film, he had to seek for a lot of tribal nations, go through impassable places & convince tribale people to perform in front of camera. I think this film will help to express them in front of us, as well as the foreigners who love interesting cultures.