Last night I won a tough match against Kamrul (a student of our hall); in FIFA ’07. This is a computer gaming competition organized by Technology Today & Buet Gamers Association (GAB). First round is in the halls of BUET & upcoming rounds will be held among different halls.
I was very afraid about kamrul (as he is familier as a high skilled player in our hall). But continuous encouragement of my friend’s (batchmates) helped me to go through.
I had lost in Home match by 3-1, at first. My team was Chelsea. Then Rafi said to play my natural game , not thinking about victory or tournament. Then in Away match I took over the opponent by 4-1 , 3 goals in last 30 minutes! So I’m through considering goal difference. We call it মরণকামড় . Kamrul got puzzeled during my attacks. Also luck was in my side. All the shots took out of D-box went into the net! After winning I forgot everything, how were the goals or who were the scorers … অনেকদিন পর এমন বিমলানন্দ লাভ করলাম ।
Thanks to Sizan, Shajib, Nishat, Rafi … who were awesome last night sitting behind me. Specially humiliating the opponent, when he was wrong, was great !
I may lose in the next match. Or may win, whatever the competition is getting force day by day.
Friends pray for me, so that I can play my game …